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With eight to nine hours of sunshine per day, the climatic conditions in Pakistan are ideal for solar power generation. Besides, there are some other factors for Solar to become the most premium, reliable, innovative, durable, cost-effective, superior and sustainable form of energy in Pakistan.

What is Ittehad Solar Energy?

We at Ittehad Solar Energy, have built our reputation by ‘working with our customers and for our customers.’ Just like your new Solar Panels, we are here for the long term. We’ve been installing solar systems since 2015 and have always focused on improving the quality of our service from first call to install. We offer an unrivalled service to our happy customers, supported with outstanding warranties with the world’s leading energy products in the market today, so you’re in safe hands!
Our aim is to provide a fully informed choice, which involves hard work to ensure we’re always up to date with all products and advancements in this new and growing industry. The advice we give and the systems we design are optimized to ensure you get the most from your system
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Residential Solar Solutions

We are dedicated to providing residential solar solutions in Pakistan. Say Yes to Solar and No to conventional energy to decrease grid dependency


Commercial Solar Solutions

We provide solar solutions to various commercial units such as hospitals, schools, offices, renowned companies, and organizations of Pakistan.


Industrial Solar Solutions

Premier Energy holds the record of installing the first and second-largest Grid Tied Solar Power Plants for Textile Manufacturers in Pakistan.


Agricultural Solar Solutions

Premier Energy has developed the most precise, cost-effective, and energy-efficient Solar Water Tubewells across Pakistan.

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Ittehad Solar Energy provides a clean and cost effective solar energy solution for your residential, commercial & industrial needs. We deal in best quality Solar Panels and Inverters with deep cycle tubular and LiFO batteries.

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